Laval, Quebec


 Help control inventory levels to minimize over or under inventory, to maximize sales, inventory turnover and return on investment, in accordance with established guidelines for the store;Ensure that invoicing documents are correctly recorded in the department's receipt register and that all signed invoices are filed in the space provided for this purpose, in accordance with company policy;Receive the goods respecting the cold chain;Ensure that article rotation procedures are scrupulously followed and the merchandising presents the optimum freshness and quality to maximize sales and profits;Keep refrigerated shelves and compartments well filled as much as possible according to department standards;Check that the temperature of refrigerators and freezers is adequate;Check prices or pick up a product at the cashier's request;Follow up on a product ordered by a customer if applicable;Ensure that all merchandise is correctly priced and that price changes are made promptly, in accordance with the store's general pricing guide and regular price checks for items on display in conjunction with the person responsible for price changes;Ensure that all items have the correct prices, signs and types of displays and that the prices of items on promotion from the previous week have returned to normal. Ensure the accuracy of the prices of current promotional items;Place damaged products in the returns section and always follow up on the credits to be obtained following these returns;Ensure that all displays are set up in such a way as to optimize sales and profits, that they are impeccable and colorful, and present, where applicable, complementary ranges and include the appropriate signs;Respect hygiene and cleanliness standards;Clean up any spilled product, broken glass or plastic container containing liquid products;Ensure that the aisles of the sales area and warehouse are clean, uncluttered and tidy;Use a wide variety of sales techniques (suggestive selling technique);Perform all other related tasks required by his superior.Responsibilities: Respect the dress code and personal hygiene; Punch on entry, exit and for breaks under penalty of sanction; Customer relations: -Welcome customers and maintain a high level of customer service; -Offer help as well as prompt and courteous service to customers; -Provide the client with a good image of the departments by helping to keep them clean, attractive and user-friendly. Always work as a team;Complete the manager's tour according to the manager's request;Be discreet, attentive and know how to express yourself clearly and distinctly in the different official languages;Follow all food safety procedures in accordance with store and department requirements.